Friday, August 19, 2011

08 - 19 - 11 Upper Body Training

First session back since my daughter's week in the hospital and my sickness that followed from sleeping on the hospital floor. Not my best out put, but still a strong effort.
  Here we go:

Incline Dumbell Bench:

3 sets of 15 with 55lbs. Dumbells.

**Not my best, but out of incline training since about January, and all I have are the 55s.**

Dumnbell Lateral Raises

3 sets of 12 with 25lbs.

Pull Ups

3 sets of 6 with 14 added pounds in ankle weights.

**Super-setted 3 sets of 15 with Straight-Arm Pulls on the Heavy Band**

"TR-LEX" Push Ups

3 sets of 15

Finished with 3 sets of Dumbell Curls and 3 sets of Tricep Pulldowns.

Not a bad "First" workout. Not feeling very strong in some areas, but it will come back.

The evening cardio was 30 minutes on a Treadmill.

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