Friday, August 26, 2011

08-26-11 Squat Day

I don't just call this "Leg Day", because that does not do it justice.  Almost everyone I know hates squats.  I respect and fear them.  Like an ancient aztec warrior sacrificing to the gods, I pay homage to the squats once a week.  So I named my leg training day "Squat Day" to remember who is the king of lifts...the squat!  I had a pretty good workout.  My numbers are fairly unimpressive as of this moment, but I will improve.


10 x 250, 8 x 290, 6 x 310

**Not a horrible start on the new program, but it should be at least 65% higher.**

Good Mornings

3 x 8

**Felt good for a weak and recovering back**

Calf Raisers

3 x 20

Step Ups

3 x 8 on each leg

**These kill me at the end of the workout.**

Then I ATTEMPTED my usual 30 minute cardio workout.  However, I forgot that when I squat...I cramp on the trreadmill.  So I went down like Allan getting tazed by that little fat kid in the LVPD station.  I love "the Hangover"!  Always a relevent reference somewhere...

Workout Summary:
I think I did fairly well.  I did not cut any corners like I wold have in the past.  When I was heavier I was lazy.  Now I think my new body subconsciously yells at me to keep going.  My weights are low, but I am starting over and I have started out of the gate too fast before.  That only leads to catastrophic failures in the long run.  My legs will hurt tomorrow.

Side notes:  I ate too much yesterday in a little experiment to see how much I could gain and lose in one day.  I went from 222.6lbs. to 225.4lbs.  That was with little water and a bowl of Cap'n Crunch as a midnight snack.  Today has been fairly clean with about 115oz. of water, and my favorite "Weight Watchers" POOP CHILI.  I call it POOP CHILI because it makes you poo a lot.  Not too scientific, but you get the point.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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