Wednesday, August 31, 2011

08-31-11 Squat Day

Second week in the micro-cycle program.  Increased intensity and decreased volume.  Killed...
But, I still made it through most of the workout.  Had one little tweak in the last set of squats that was a little too much for me at 11pm., so I cut out the last rep in hopes that the little tweak does not land me on my back for the entire week.

8 x 290, 6 x 310, 4 x 330, and 1 x 345
**Last set was supposed to be a double, but the aforementioned issue forced an early retirement.**

Good Mornings
3 x 6
**Might be thinking, "What is wrong with this guy...", but this was extremely light to save any future back issues that may occur.**

Single Leg Extensions
3 x 20 each leg

Forearm Dumbell Curls 
3 x 15

Cardio was 20 minutes tonight.  Learned from last week's Squat Day debacle and didn't push up to a sprint like usual.

Workout Summary:
If not for that one fail on the last rep of the squat I felt strong enough to have made  it a triple.  Shoulda-coulda-woulda huh?!?  Only one way to go from here.  Progression is the key.  I think I tell my football players the story of Milo at least twice a summer as they progress through their workouts.  On a side note my forearms are coming back strong from my time off as well.

World's Strongest Scientist Tidbit of the Day:
Not really a tidbit, just bragging..I HAD TUNA MELTS AND SWEET POTATO FRIES FOR DINNER AND YOU DIDN'T!!!  Or maybe you did...
That was a builder meal if I ever saw one.  Thanks to my wife for such a wonderful meal.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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