Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 World's Strongest Man - Men Who Will Show Us Their Strength

Here are the grouping and the events for said groupings.  I love WSM and strongman events and this year is looking good as far as the events go...hopefully all the contestants remain healthy.

This year's location - WSM 2011 will take place at Wingate University, North Carolina.
Dates for the qualifier rounds - between 10-13th September.
Dates for the FINAL - between 16-17th September.

This appears to be a great field of strongmen this year as the sport gains popularity.  Here are the groupings for the qualifiers and the events each group will do:

Group 1
Nick Best

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Brian Shaw
Jean-Francois Caron

Rauno Heinla
Mark Felix

EVENTS: loading, car walk, car deadlift, truck pull, dumbbell press, stones

Group 2
Travis Ortmayer

Sergii Romanchuk
Laurence Shahlaei
Espen Aune
Paul Pirjul
Ervin Katona

EVENTS: loading, keg toss, truck pull, dumbbell press, stones

Group 3
Jason Bergmann
Mateusz Baron

Martin Wildauer
Vytautas Lalas
Juha Matti Järvi
Terry Hollands

EVENTS: loading, keg toss, car walk, car deadlift, block press, stones

Group 4
Mike Jenkins
Josh Thigpen
Rob Frampton
Louis-Phillipe Jean
Zydrunas Savickas
Alexander Klyushev

EVENTS: loading, keg toss, squat, truck pull, block press, stones

Group 5
Jack McIntosh
Derek Boyer
Vidas Blekaitis
Stefan Solvi Petursson
Derek Poundstone
Krzystof Radzikowski

EVENTS: loading, keg toss, car walk, car deadlift, block press, stones

Brian Shaw/Nick Best
Mark Felix
Travis Ortmeyer
Ervin Katona
Jason Bergmann/Martin Wildhauer
Terry Hollands
Louis Philip-Jean
Zydrunas Savickas
Vidas Blekaitis
Derek Poundstone


Theses are just my opinions.  But I wanted to get them out there so that when I am right...well...you know how that goes.

In the places where I chose more than one competitor it is only because I could not decide for that particular spot.  Usually those guys will be second or third in their groups.

Thanks to Ironmind.com and Randall Strossen PhD. for getting the strongman fans the groupings lists as soon as they were available.

Watch the World's Strongest Man this year people...

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