Sunday, August 21, 2011

Off Days

Taking a day off from training and cardio is great. I am feeling recovered and that little bit of soreness that reminds me of the work I've done. But it makes me wonder...

Some of the strongest dudes in history...Neanderthals...did they take days off? I hardly think that they could living in such a harsh environment.
Fighting off predators, hunting, tool making, not to mention just surviving the elements. Did they ever just lay around in a cave and stare at fire all day?

Then I actually thought about my "day off" from training. I moved furniture. I cleaned. I rearranged our library. I carried children here and there. I think something in my DNA(and perhaps everyone's DNA) prevents us from doing absolutely nothing. Boredom is the lingering primitive "inner voice" that tells us, "Hey lazy butt, get up! You know that saber toothed tiger that was chasing you yesterday? Yeah, he's still out there. So you had better do something about that!" Boredom and fidgeting are both primitive aspects of DNA that keeps us on our toes. My opinion only, but I think if you contemplate how you "do nothing" you will realize that this point has validity.

Remember, you don't need the right answers just the right questions my friends,

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