Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why we lift...

I tweeted this in a series of tweets a long time ago.  I was reading books that were supposed to help one sort out their life.  "The Alchemist" is NOT a book on alchemy per se, but a book about one's destiny for sure.

The iron tells me it knows of love. Iron says it loves the earth that's why when I try to lift it the iron always returns to the earth...

But I told the iron that is not what love is. "The Law of Gravity pulls you down to earth. Love is not a law.", I told the iron.

Iron said, "How is that not love when the only time the earth and I are apart is when you try to lift me?"

"I desire to lift you with all my being. I will for all my days on this earth. It is my first and last thoughts daily.", I said to iron.

"That's love?", asked the iron. "Tell me that its not...", I replied as I grabbed the bar.

The iron was quiet for what seemed like eons. Then without a word the bar began to raise in my grasp.

I lifted the iron with ease and the gym was silenced for eternity. And to show my appreciation I returned iron to his love the earth.

Inspired by "the Alchemist" by Paulo Cohelo.

Next time you wish to lift heavy, do not fear the weight and shiver.  Do not hate the weight and become angered.  Teach that weight what YOU desire...why you are in the gym at midnight sweating and grunting...tell the iron that you are hear for the lift and nothing more.

This positive thinking has helped me a lot in the past.  Choosing to reach towards my "personal destiny" and my life's work instead of becoming angry that I HAVE to go to the gym to be strong.  Strength is a journey.  But you already know that.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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