Saturday, September 3, 2011

09-03-11 Power Training

Cleans and Deads.  One sounds good, the other sounds bad.  Trust me...neither are fun.

Hang Cleans
3 sets of 6 at 135lbs.
**Next week I think I am ready to push the weight up more.**

3 sets of 6 at 300lbs. + 20lbs. of chains.
**20lbs. chains aren't impressive, but they are all I have.**

Power Shrugs
3 x 15

Cardio: 15 minutes(trying to avoid the stun gun cramps I usually get).

Workout Summary:
I feel good about my work done.  I am ready to pump this workout up, but I have one more week till I retest so I may just bump the numbers slightly from the program.

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