Friday, September 23, 2011

09-23-11 Power Clean DAY

Yes, an entire workout dedicated to power cleans...but not what you might be expecting.  Yes I did power cleans, but there was something else that made this "Power Clean Day".

Power Cleans
4 sets of 5 @ 205lbs.

Front Squats
3 x 6 @ 205lbs.

CARDIO: Full 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I have gained 4lbs. about 37 days.  Time to step it back up.

Workout Summary:
I have to tell you I was working out at the River Valley High School weightroom with my frosh football team today.  Old Coachie decided to get in his cleans, loaded up the bar with 205, and as the crowd gathered I had the adrenaline pumping so hard that I blasted that 205 right into my chin.  I started to bleed to those little 14 year olds' horrors!  I pounded out the remaining four reps, wiped my chin, and announced, "Today we are going to learn how to Power Clean, so get your workouts done and get ready to work!"  You should have seen their faces.  After I finished my last set I called them all around the platform and we began "Coach Miller's Cleaning Clinic".  I had them all attempt 3 jump squats from the floor with the bar.  Then I had them all spread out around the room with whatever they could find for a bar(mind you there are 30 of these fourteen year olds) and we proceeded through a progression.  They followed along with me as we did 10 hip thrusts from the hang clean position, 10 high pulls from the hang clean position, and 10 high pulls to rack position exercises.  I saw most of them improve.  At the end I explained that every other school we play will be doing cleans throughout their high school career, and that it was a crime against athleticism that I hadn't stepped up and taught them how to clean until now.  Next season I will definately strive to get myself to the weightroom sessions to make sure these boys are learning the essential "football" lifts.

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