Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Injury Report 09-27-11

My back is not that messed up.  I feel relatively good.  It is stiff if I sit for too long, but I think I can bypass a doctor's visit if I rest.  So this week will only be cardio in the gym with some GRIPPER work.

Since there will not be much of a training log on here for a week it will be a good opportunity to post some science articles.  Not all of them will be relavant to strength training, but I will try to incorporate it as much as possible.

Hang with me my loyal followers and you may just learn something that is not in your regular realm of knowledge.  I will be retesting my maxes on bench, incline, squat, cleans, deads, and shoulder press next week.  This blog will start to get interesting...

Keep Moving Foreward,

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