Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on the Alpha Bodz Team

The Tahoe Show - 8-27-11

Team Alpha Bodz Teens
Bradon Mallory 3rd.
Anthony Ramirez 4th
Bryce Cooper 5th
Dustin Terrell and Ricky Owens also looked great according to spectators.

Team Alpha Bodz
An Alpha Bodz Original Curt Higgins took 1st in the Open Heavy Weight Division.
Coach Junior Magana took 2nd in the Heavy Weight novice division and then entered the Open Heavy Weight division and finished 5th.

I was told that everyone involved made comments to support the Alpha Bodz, and those words of encouragement fuel their workouts as they gear up for another show later this fall.

Interviews to come!  Stay tuned...

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