Friday, October 28, 2011

10-28-11 Lower Body Workout : Self Destruct Mode

This morning I had to call my doctor's office to get the results of my blood work back.  The doc wasn't in, but the clerk said that my labs came back with my liver enzymes even more elevated than before and that I had to go get an ultrasound done on my abdomin.  Needless to say she had no other information to give me.  I hate being in the dark.  There is something wrong with me and no one can help me understand what the issue is, and that pisses me off!  So I decided to go workout:

Dead Lift
340 x 6, 360 x 3
**Not focused at all and I think I tweeked my back again.**

Hang Clean
150 x 7, 150 x 7, 150 x 3
**Back wasn't there and neither was my mind.**

Upright Row
3 sets of 12

4 sets of 20ft. @ 197lbs.

Because of my repressed anger(I'm an imploder) and my lack of focus I totally wreck this workout and my back.  If it wasn't for the sled work punishment I don't think I would have gotten anything out of this session.  My mind is far away now and concentrating on form will be hard until I get to the bottom of this mystery.

Keep Moving Foreward,
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