Friday, October 21, 2011

10-21-11 Power Training +

Holy crap!!!  My legs are toasted and roasted!  This workout was almost a complete body failure...

Hang Cleans
170 x 6, 170 x 5, 170 x 5

Dead Lift
320 x 6, 340 x 4
**Couldn't complete last set so only did the two...legs were starting to shake.**

Upright Row
3 sets of 10 @ 75lbs.

Sumo Deads on 2.5" FAT bar
3 sets of 6 @ approx. 200lbs.(not sure how much the homemade bar weighs).
**Grip KILLER!**

Sled Drag 180lbs x 20ft. x 2
Sled Drag 135lbs. x 20ft. x 2
Speed Sled Drag 90lbs. x 20ft. x 2

Workout Summary:
Let me start by saying that I need to alternate the begining of this workout with deads first or cleans firts in order to be able to give both a maximal effort.  Secondly...WOW!!!  The sled FINISHED me.  I could here the Mortal Kombat guy yelling, "FINISH HIM!" as I came across the line on the last set and dropped to the ground like tranquilized gorilla.  Good workout.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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