Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Weight Update: 10-24-11

Last monday I weighed myself in at 223.8lbs.  Last Monday is also when I made a solid decision to lose weight for my goal:

I am going to compete in the Lightweight Division of the International Highland Games Federation/Scottish Amateur Athletics Association.

The Lightweight division is under 200lbs.  It gives me a goal to be motivated for other than just looking good and being healthier.

10-24-11 Body Weight = 220.0lbs.
**The scale wanted to say 219.8lbs soooooo bad!  Just missed a milestone...***

I have until the Sacramento Valley Highland Games to get down to sub-200.  The games aren't until April.  Should I get to the goal before April, then I will look for more games to compete in at that weight.  I really want to get an invite to throw at the amateur championships in Ventura, Ca. next October.  So not only will my goal be to lose the weight and stay strong, but I will have to maintain that weight.  It is a goal that will ultimately prolong my life, so I am willing to throw my efforts into it at 100%.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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