Monday, October 17, 2011

Nor Cal Bodybuilding Championship Show: Alpha Bodz Recap

This is a little late, but here is an UPDATE on the bodybuilders I have been following:  Alpha Bodz Athletic Club!
Nor Cal Bodybuilding Championship Show in Natomas, Ca. by WBFA
-Daniel Ramirez 1st teen light wt, teen overall and 1st mens open class light wt.
-Anthonee Ramirez 3rd teen light wt.
-Hector Ramirez 4th teen light wt.
-Wasim Gorsi 5th teen light wt.
-Kyle Habib 1st teen heavy wt.
-Danny Borja 2nd teen heavy wt.
-Grant Campbell 3rd teen heavy wt.
-Bradon Mallory 4th teen heavy wt.
-Brianna Zumbrum (17 year old) placed 2nd in womens bikini.
-Lance Ruiz placed 3rd in novice and opens men light wt classes.
-Bronson Duarte placed 1st in mens novice light weight and won novice overall.
-Edwin Cantolan took 2nd in novice light wt and 3rd in men's physique.
Fantastic job by all involved.  Stand up and get noticed.
Keep Moving Foreward,

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