Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Strength vs. Weight Experiment Data : Dead Lift and Power Clean

Tonight was the last night of recording initial data.  Here are the numbers...

Dead Lift Build Up
1. 225 x 6
2. 315 x 3
3. 365 x 3

Max Rep: 401
Previous Max: 354
Change: +46

Power Cleans
Only did one set
225 x 6

Max Rep: 246

CARDIO: only 10 minutes.  Exhausted today.  Maxing out takes a lot out of me and with only 3 hours of sleep I wasn't at my best.

Bench: 293lbs.
Incline: 247lbs.
Military Press: 202lbs.
Squat: 405lbs.
Dead Lift: 401lbs.
Power Clean: 246lbs.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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