Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Strength vs. Weight Experiment Data : Bench and Military Press

Strength versus Weight Experiment:
Recorded Data from 10/04/11 for Bench Press and Military Press

Bench Press Build Up
1. Warm Up
2. 225 x 4
3. 255 x 3
4. 265 x 3
5. 275 x 2

Max Rep Result: 293lbs.
Prior 6 week Cycle program Max: 285lbs.
Change: +8lbs.

- Hope to get over 300lbs. after the next 6 week cycle.

Military Press
190 x 2

Max Rep Result: 202lbs.
No Previous Max for Military Press.

- Military Press will be a key lift in my return to the Highland Games.

CARDIO: 22minutes on the treadmill.  I think the treadmill is jarring my back too much so I may scale back on the sprints and go more slow for a longer time.

Workout Summary:
To get some extra work out of this testing period I also did 3 sets of 50 on the Ab Bench, and Gripper work:

CoC Trainer 3 x 15
CoC Trainer Inverted 3 x 5

Keep Moving Foreward,

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