Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11-09-11 Events Practice: Heavy Hammer, Open Stone, Weight For Distance

Finally have the time to get back into the groove of throwing.  Results were not the greatest, but you have to start somewhere...

My heavy hammer is 25#.  Today was it's first flight.  It held up well, but I think I made the handle a tiny bit too short.  I will never use a metal for a handle again as it has NO GIVE.  Makes it a stiff ride.

Session PR: 46' 9"

Open stone is 16#.  This is an event I will improve quickly in once my body adjusts to the weight loss and remembers what is supposed to do.

Session PR: 35'6"

My 36# weight for distance was not good.  And unfortunately the camera quit on me for this part and it is what I wanted to video the most.

Session PR: 29'

Here is a link to my channel to keep up on my practices: Coachtraining's Youtube Channel

Keep Moving Foreward,

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