Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-10-11 Upper Body Training +

I was a little tight after throwing yesterday, but I made it through a pretty grueling workout.

Incline Bench Press
160 x 12, 205 x 6, 175 x 10
SPEED PRESS 135 x 15

Shoulder Plate Rotation
3 sets of 8 each direction

Upside Down Row
3 sets of 10

Floor Press
3 sets of 8 @ 185lbs.

Barbell Curls
3 sets of 10

Overhead Tricep Extension
3 sets of 12

SLED WORK(62lbs.)
Two Hand Upper Body Sled Pull
2 x 20ft. @ 198lbs.
Hand over hand Upper Body Sled Pull
2 x 20ft. @ 152lbs.

Not a bad workout.  I was tight from yesterday's throwing, but I think this was a good day for this workout program. 

Keep Moving Foreward,

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