Monday, November 14, 2011

11-14-11 Upper Body Training Chains

This is the week in my workout cycle that I re-do weeks 1 through 3 with the addition of chains.  My chains are small and only add 15lbs., but it's enough to feel a difference.  Here's the workout:

Bench + Chains(15#)
175 x 12, 190 x 10, 220 x 7, 235 x 3
**The chains wrecked me on the last two sets, I could feel each link being lifted off the floor and added to the weight.**

Push Press
120 x 12, 135 x 10, 150 x 8

T Bar Rows
3 sets of 12 with 2 plates.

TRX Delcine Push
3 sets of 12

Barbell Curls
3 sets of 10

Skull Crushers
3 sets of 10

Ab Bench
3 sets of 60

I had a stressfull weekend at work and a stressful morning with the kids, but this workout helped me vent.  I have to push really hard this week since I will be out of town next week.  I will be traveling to the Humboldt area and engaging in nature hikes and turkey devouring!  I will be doing my regular field research while hiking, so I will have a report to post here.  Been a while since there has been any science on this blog, so it makes me happy to be able to get out and do some discovering.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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  1. I’ve been using TRX pro pack on my workout, but couldn’t find a way to break through for next level