Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-11 Events Training: Light Hammer, Stone Put, Heavy Hammer

Today was the first practice for the Yuba Sutter Heavy Athletics Club.  Today focused on throwing events:

Today I did not record any numbers for the other two members that attended.  I did not have markers for them.  In the future I would like to have records for them so they can see their improvement.

Here are my numbers for the day:

17# Light Hammer
Session PR: 70' 4" (+7")

16# Stone Put
Session PR: 34' 4" (-11")

25# Heavy Hammer
Session PR: 49' 5" (+ 3' 1")

It's nice to have someone else to throw with at the field.  I was happy about my improvements, and I am not too down on my stone put.  I know my stone put will come up once I get in the grove, as it has been the one I place the best in every time I compete.

Watch out for the Yuba Sutter Heavy Athletics Club, the "Wooly Rhinos", to do some good things on the collegiate and highland games fields this season.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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