Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-11 Squat Training Chains

I missed yesterday's workout because I injured my calf muscle during a dream I had in the 1.5 hours I was able to sleep.  Yeah, a pretty hardcore dream I guess.  So today was my catch up day even though I event trained earlier.  Here it is:

Squats w/15lbs. Chains
265 x 10, 305 x 7, 305 x 2, 325 x 5, 325 x 2
**Not bad considering the chains were sort of breaking my concentration on the wood floor**

Front Squats
3 sets of 3 @ 225lbs.
**I have never front squatted this much!**

Neck Work
3 sets of 15 @ 25lbs. Posterior Pulling
2 sets of 15 @ 20lbs. Lateral Pulling(each side)
3 sets of 15 w/Heavy Band Anterior Pulling

CARDIO: 22 minutes jog on treadmill.  More than usual after squats.

I didn't do the entire program tonight.  I was worn out from throwing a bunch earlier.  Still, I put in some good work and I will be sore tomorrow.

Supplement Update:  I started taking my Animal Pak vitamins again today.  I had forgotten how much I liked them.  And for some reason I did not notice total evacuation of the vitamins in my urine(you know...neon yellow pee that smells like the inside of the Animal Pak container).  I think my body may have been starving for some nutrients.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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