Thursday, December 1, 2011

11-30-11 Events Training: Light Hammer, WFD, and Braemar

Not a very good day of events training.  I am not entirely certain why I was weak and lacking speed, but that fact remains: this practice straight up SUCKED!

I threw my 17# Light hammer first.  I did not warm up properly.  I was having an issue with my grip as well, and if you watch my videos ON THE LEFT HAND MENU UNDER VIDEO BAR you will see that I actually slow my rotations on the last revolution and throw with no speed.  Session best was 64' something.

Next I was stoked to try my new 30# weight for distance, but I was also apprehensive that it would not stay together.  My kids were hanging around so I was also nervous that it may break and fly off in a random direction.  And it did!  It broke about three throws in, and I never built up the courage to use the speed needed to throw it anyway.  FAIL.  Watch this crap ON THE LEFT HAND MENU UNDER VIDEO BAR.

Finally I threw a 26# and a 24# which was ok.  Just exhausted from failing at this point.  Watch the video ON THE LEFT HAND MENU UNDER VIDEO BAR.

Keep Moving Foreward,

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