Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12-07-11 Heavy Athletics Training: WFD, Stone Put, Hammer

Another day down the path to greatness.  Today I really felt a change in some of the throws I performed in the practice session.  Here's how it went:

35# Weight For Distance
This throw felt felt good for once.  And though I barely beat my recent PR, I really truly and honestly had the "light bulb" go off.

Session PR: 29' 1" (+1")

16# Stone Put
Now at this point my elbow is a little tender and my Stone Put is not earth shattering.  I always improve in this event throughout the season, so I am not too worried about low numbers to start.  My body just needs to remember how to get in all the correct positions.

Session PR: 34' 3"(- 1')

17# Hammer
This appeared to be an average session throughout the event. Then I got a hold of one real well and chucked the hammer 6' farther than all the other throws. All the throws afterward were very close(within a foot or so). I remembered to twist the upper body on the rotation that comes from behind the head, which really helped my hips actually do something.

Session PR: 76' (+5' 8")

I'm just excited about the hammer PR, but the WFD "ah ha" moment was great.  I think I will start improving really quickly in the WFD very soon.

Keep Moving Foreward,


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