Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12-21-11 Squat Power Training

The next round of the experiment is under way.  This is week 0 in which I test out the exercises to make sure that the workouts are challenging enough.  Here's how this workout went:

320 x 6, 330 x 5, 340 x 4, 350 x 3

Good Morning supersetted with Single Leg Dead Lifts
1 set of 8 - superset - 1 set of 10 on each leg
**I was unable to continue as my Hamstring started to pull a little...don't need an injury this early**

Front Squats
3 sets of 7 @ 205

Upright Rows
3 sets of 8

Calf Raisers supersetted with Alternating Forearm Plate Curls
3 sets of 20 @ 205 - superset - 3 sets of 15 each arm

CARDIO: 30 minute hike/jog on the treadmill.

Ab Bench
3 sets of 50

I will be honest with you all and say that I feel so much better after finally getting back in the gym.  I happy that this session went well other than the hamstring issue.  My workouts are lining up in an interesting formation and I am sure you will all be watching to see if I make it to my goal of being under 200lbs. and getting stronger than ever!

Keep Moving Foreward,


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