Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The best BLOG you probably don't know about...

All of you who regularly follow my posts know that I share my routine with you as I experiment and that from time to time I try to drop some knowledge on you about science or lifting, but...

...I feel that I need to really promote this guy's blog as it is the best one I know of about old school training.  Of course I would like you all to LOVE my blog, but I KNOW you will enjoy and learn from THE TIGHT TAN SLACKS OF DEZSCO BAN.  I do not know who Dezsco Ban is, but I think I have seen a post from him on the IRONMIND.COM forums at one time.  Or it may have been just a post about him.  On his blog he has no profile to view, and all the tag line says is "I AM NOBODY AND YOU HAVE ONE EYE"!  A man of mystery...but a man with the plan!

The posts on The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezsco Ban are originally designed and focuses on the weight lifting knowledge that has been forgotten.  A lot of ancient lifting knowledge is still VERY relavent to gaining strength today, and Dezsco Ban is posting it in cyberspace for all to see.  He reasons that bodybuilders may not want to be olympic lifters, but he gives his knowledge in the pursuit of muscle strength and gains.

Now he definately does not NEED more people to follow his blog as he is EXTREMELY popular in the underground strength movement, but I would not be a man of knowledge and teaching if I did not bring you to The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezsco Ban.

Keep Moving Foreward,


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