Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making My Own Heat in the Frozen Cave of Strength

It was cold last night in the Cave of Strength.  Not completely ice, but as close as a human is willing to withstand.  It was a cold that chilled to the bone.  But I beat the cold during my cardio session.  Here's how:

The Cave of Strength is roughly 13' x 12' x 8'.  When speaking in terms of volume I converted the measurements to centimeters, because in theory 1 cubic centimeter = 1 gram.  So my Cave is 35339424.55 cubic centimeters (cc).  Now we can also state that the air holds a mass of 35339424.55 grams (g).  Hold that info in your brain for a moment while I switch gears.

My gym was 5* Celsius at the start of the workout(cardio), and ended up at 8*Celsius 30 minutes later.  The only things creating heat in the gym were myself, two 60 watt light bulbs, and the treadmill machinery.  There was a change of 3* Celsius (C) in the Cave in that time.

The specific heat of Air is 0.001005 joules/gram/*C.

In order to find out how much energy was expended to heat the Cave up we follow this formula:

Q = mc^T
m = mass
c = Specifc Heat
^T = Change in Temperature


Q = (35339424.55g)(0.001005j/g/C)(3*C)

That means: The amount of energy produced from the four working bodies(me, two lights, and treadmill) was 106548.365 Joules.  Now, let's turn that into something we know.  There are 4.19 calories in a Joule.  The Cave of Strength absorbed 25429.2 calories last night.  Calories of heat are NOT like the calories on the back of your Twinkies!  Your twinkie is not just 150's actually kilocalories, which means it's 150,000 calories!  Ok, so let's look at the Cave of Strength and check and see if it's really the "Energy Vampire" it appears to be: 25429.2 calories that was absorbed is really equal to 25.4 calories on the food label.

Of course I am not food(not even a BEAR would test me!), so I prefer to reference heat calories.

**BY THE WAY: 5* Celsius is 41* Farenheit.  Not freezing, but pretty frostin' cold!

Keep Moving Foreward,


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