Tuesday, January 3, 2012

01-03-11 Upper Body Power Training

A decent workout that...no I take that back...as I sit here I am realizing that I actually put in a lot of good work.  Not top 5 in regards to workouts that I remember, but a solid taxing effort on behalf of the iron and myself.  Here it goes:

225 x 6, 230 x 6, 240 x 4, 245 x 2, 250 x 1, 250 x 1

Weighted Pull Ups(15lbs. Chains)
3 sets of 7

Push Press
160 x 6, 160 x 6, 170 x 4, 170 x 4

Pull Overs
3 sets of 12

Barbell Curls supersetted with Tricep Pull Downs
3 sets of 10 - superset - 3 sets of 15 each hand

Rear Flexion
3 sets of 15
Lateral Flexion each side
2 sets of 15

CARDIO: 30 minutes jog/hike on the treadmill

Ab Bench
3 sets of 80

CoC Trainer
3 sets of 15 - superset - 3 sets of 5 inverted

This was a mighty fine workout indeed!  I love that once I dumped the first rep of the first set of push press on my dome that I powered through and "woke up".  Lets me be reassured that if I fail an early attempt that I still have the will power to pound out a good performance.

Keep Moving Forward,


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