Tuesday, January 10, 2012

01-10-12 Dynamic Squat Training a.k.a "I got caught slippin' yo!"

You may be asking yourself if I am just reposting old blogs...well...I'm not.  I am re-doing week 2 in this cycle because I only hit 50% of the workouts I wanted last week.  In my opinion that's not good enough.    And this workout was by far the worst in a very long time.  So here is week 2 redux:
Box Squats
290 x 5, 290 x 5, 290 x 5, 290 x 5, 290 x 5, 315 x 3, 315 x 3, BOMB!
**Legs were gassed...I hit the box and never came back up!**

Farmer's Walk (100# each hand)
40ft., 80ft., 40ft., 40ft., 40ft.
**Finally finished my farmer's apparatus so I was stoked to try it out...**

Rear Flexion: 3 x 15
Side Flexion: 3 x 12 each side

No more excuses.  I need to prepare myself for the workout better so that I can do a "REAL" workout and not this crap performance.

Keep Moving Forward,


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