Tuesday, January 10, 2012

01-10-12 Upper Body Power Training +

This was the workout I needed right now!  I came into the work out jacked and ready to redeem my personal work ethic.  I left the workout with nothing left in the tank.  Here's how:

Bench Press
225 x 6, 230 x 6, 240 x 4, 250 x 2, 250 x 2

Pull Ups
3 sets of 6

Military Press
160 x 6, 170 x 5, 170 x 4, 135 x 10
**Shoulders wiped out after the Farmer's Walks last night**

Pull Overs
3 sets of 12

Barbell Curls supersetted with Weighted Bench Dips
3 sets of 10 - superset - 3 sets of 15

- Upper Body Sled Pulls = 198lbs. x 20ft.
- Upper Body Sled Pulls = 100lbs. x 20ft. Speed Work Hand Over Hand
- Upper Body Sled Pulls = 243lbs. x 20ft.
- Upper Body Sled Pulls = 243lbs. x 20ft.

CARDIO: 30 minutes on the treadmill - best distance ever at 2.25 miles.  Top speed at the intervals and most calories burned!

Ab Bench
3 sets of 50

This workout was great.  I really taxed my legs a lot more last night than I realized as I dragged the sled back to the starting position each time.  So that made me happy that I didn't waste time last night.  My upper body is fatigued and my back and biceps are screaming from the sled pulls.  243 is the heaviest I've ever done(not to mention 33lbs. over my body weight).  I felt strong on the bench press excluding the distractions from my little ones insisting on talking to me during the last to sets.

Keep Moving Forward,


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