Tuesday, January 24, 2012

01-23-12 Lower Body Endurance Training + Heavy Events

The weather has been horrible for heavy events training so I go a little creative and made an indoor/soft for concrete 16lbs. stone.  This workout got interrupted a bit so I split this one up into two sessions.  The first session was during the day and I completed my squats and then did some stone put progressions.  Later that night I finished the rest of the lower body workout.  Here is the result:

Box Squat
235 x 14, 255 x 11, 275 x 9, 295 x 7

- 5 "Toes to the Board"
- 5 Snap throws
- 5 quarter spins
- 5 "South Africans"
- 5 3 quarters spins
- 5 full spins
- 5 glides

**Still need to find a way to use a mark to measure my throws on the driveway!**


Good Mornings supersetted with Single Leg Split Squats
3 sets of 10 @ 135lbs. - superset - 2 sets of 8 each leg @ 90lbs.

Single Arm Dumbell Snatch
3 sets of 5 each side @ 70lbs.

CARDIO: 20 minutes treadmill

Ab Bench
3 sets of 50

Not a bad workout minus the interruptions and all.  I think I was able to go a little harder in the second portion due to the muscles being a little rested.  I was very happy to get to throw on concrete so I didn't have to basically do a "mudder" to go to the park and throw.  Making some more driveway safe implements will definitely improve my volume of events training.

Keep Moving Forward,


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