Thursday, January 26, 2012

01-26-12 Explosive Dynamic Training + Heavy Events

'Twas a tragic day for the Cave of Strength and the Yuba Sutter Heavy Athletics Club Wooly Rhinos.  After hundreds of reps the 2.5" FAT BAR appears to be on it's way to the otherside.  And on it's maiden voyage the Indoor/Street 30# WFD "the Magic Bologna" also....well...just check out the video:


and now the weights


Hang Cleans
5 sets of 4 @ 185lbs. 30 seconds of rest between sets

Front Squats
4 sets of 6 @ 185lbs. 30 seconds of rest between sets

2.5" FAT BAR Snatch Grip High Pulls
4 sets of 5 w/ 120lbs. on the bar
...and then the FAT BAR bent...

It was a good workout.  The causalties are mendable I think.

Keep Moving Forward,


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