Friday, January 20, 2012

Scottish Heavy Athletics NEW website

For those of you that want to know what it is that I am training for, or why the HELL I go to the park and throw rocks around, here is the website for the only organization I competed under:

Scottish Heavy Athletics

The events I have participated in have been well done and FUN!  The SHA is ran by individuals who truly relish the history and passion of our ancestors' sport of "doing crazy things with heavy stuff!"  Check out the new page.  It's still coing together, but I think it will be a great resource in the future.

That's about all the posting for the World's Strongest Scientist today.  My cold is winning.  I most likely will not make it out to the gym for a session this evening.  I even made a "street stone" that I could throw in my driveway, but the rain has shut that down as well.

Keep Moving Forward,


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