Thursday, February 23, 2012

02-22-12 Heavy Events Rehab

First time since the injury that I have thrown anything.  I think I may have found the culprit to my injury....

I threw the 17# hammer today, and after words I was tight and my hips returned to their crookedness.  They are better today, but it could have been the heavy hammer throws that initiated the injury that has ruined my training.

I threw about 10-12 throws.

Started with 3 sets of 5-6 winds.

The mosquitoes started to piss me off so I went straight to 3 wind throws.  I only did about 75% effort, or so it seemed.  I threw a max of 65'.  Not bad with a bad back, but not where I needed to be at 9 weeks out from the event.  I will have to tough it out and just get to it.  I was working on not trying to grunt out the long throw on the last wind and just letting it go from my hands.  It worked somewhat, but the limited flexibilty issue with the back killed the speed.  It will get better.

Got the Tiger Balm on today.  Just got it last night.  I love this stuff!  Just wish I had found something other than the Extra Strength Red stains...but I needed it badly.  My first time using it and no horror stories yet.  Time will tell.

Keep Moving Forward,


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