Tuesday, February 28, 2012

02-28-12 Weight for Distance Rehab + Auxillary Work

I had the opportunity to throw some light weight for distance.  Something in between disappointment and success.  Check it out:

I threw my Driveway WFD, which weighs in at about 31#, extensively today.  I checked out some videos and decided to just do some spins to warm up.  BAD IDEA...for me...I will do them in the future, but today these 4 SPINS made me nauseated and runed the rest of the training session for me.  I think I am getting a sinus infection, so the spinning threw off my equilibrium more than usual.  Still got some throws in and focused on my technique.  Please leave comments here on on the Rehabicles comment box on my youtube channel.  My best throw was about 35'.  Still not good.  I hope to get past this rehab and get back to improving on my foundation I have built.  I am getting some great advice that I will share with you through the Rehabicles in the next episode. 

Here is today's episode of The Rehabicles of Miller:

I also did some auxillary work in the Cave of Strength

Incline Hammer Curls
3 x 12 each hand.

Tricep Pull Down
3 x 15 on my Monster Mini Bands

Standing Pull Overs
3 x 12 on my Monster Mini Bands

30 secs on - 15 secs. off @ 4 rounds

Working on my core strength is the key to my recovery.
Keep Moving Forward,



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