Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Injury Time Out!

I mysteriously injured my back again this weeked.  On Sunday I woke up at 8:45pm(my nap before work) and when I sat up out of bed I could feel something was a bit off...

My lower back muscles were a knotted mess.  I could not stand up straight.  But being that it was only an hour before I was due at work I decided to just tough it out.  My mistake!  8 hours of agony!  I couldn't even SIT in a comfortable position.  When I got home I crawled through the house looking for whatever painkillers I could find.  But alas...there were none to be found.  I took a hot bath to loosen the muscles and then crawled into bed praying for sleep(or death).

I suffered through the pain all day long waiting for my wife to come home so she could drie me to the Urgent Care.  After about two hours in the UC I saw the Doc and he prescribed some Flexeril and Vicodine. 

Today...oh today!  What a slap in the face this day has been.  Neither the Flexeril or the Vicodine has really helped.  So, without further adieu....he's back...The Angry Dwarf returns.  Yes, my alter ego is a very disgruntled cave dweller.  Ask anyone I work with, there was a time that they only knew me as the Angry Dwarf.

I may be out of the gym for more than a week, and maybe I'll be able to hold off for two weeks before I jump off a bridge.  While I'm crippled the other throwers are getting better and that PISSES ME OFF!

While I'm out of service here are some great blogs to check out:

BRIDGING THE GAP by Andrew Wooster. Kind of a guy just like myself trying to fullfill his goals and dreams in the Highland Games. He's got a busy schedule coming up, so he has a lot of things to post in the future.

THE DRIFTA LIFTA by Matt Vincent, a big time thrower , pro higland gamer, and olympic lifting fanatic. Very strong studly guy who has a good sense of humor and writes interesting bloggage!

KALLE'S QUEST FOR MEDIOCRITY by Kalle Beck. Don't let the blog name fool you, this cat is strong. He is gunning for the California's Strongest Man event in Huntington Beach on St. Partick's Day. Oh and he's under 200lbs.!

SAVAGE MUSCLES by Ronald Strahan. Big Ron is a local strongman champion who is stationed at Beale AFB. He's got a specific goal he's trying to meet and he has a short amount of time to reach it.

SUPER TRAINING TV by Mark Bell. Mark Bell owns Super Training Gym, strongest gym in the west, and is a heralded powerlifter and former professional wrestler. And he starred in(or was featured in)the movie BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER!

Enjoy the Reading, but I'll be back!

Keep Moving Forward,

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