Thursday, February 2, 2012

Self-Myofascial Release and Intense Stretching Sessions

I just recently purchased a foam roller.  I know, I know...a little bit trendy for the Cave of Strength, but as I am discovering this is a good tool for anyone who has muscles(that means you!).  I have been stretching intensely lately and I decided to add this tool to my box of goodies.

Myofascial Release occurs because of the Golgi Tendons in our bodies.  Golgi Tendons are the apparatus that prevents muscle damage during motion.  When the muscle stretches too far the Golgi relaxes that muscle to reduce the stress on the tendons and the fibers.  Sometimes we push past that, but that's our bad!

SMR(Self-Myofascial Release) utilizes the foam roller to stress the Golgi Tendons to allow the muscle to relax without actually stretching the muscle to the point of no return.  It's like a massage...a really painful massage!  My buddy Andrew "The Highland Rooster" Wooster joked recently on Facebook when I was asking about Foam roller workouts.  After my first shot at this regimen I was truly sweaty and yeah...I CONSIDER THIS A WORKOUT!

Let's is the list of areas I attempted to work:

1. Upper Back = FANTASTIC.  I could have taken a nap right there.
2. Mid Back = See Above.
3. Low Back = Felt good, but starting to work up a sweat.
4. Neck = Zzzzz...
-then I got creative-
5. Chest = Looked awkard, but rolled it out good.
6. Abs = Almost deposited scat in my shorts, but it felt good later.
7. Triceps = I could tell they were tight.
8. Biceps = HOLY SCHEISSE!  My throwing arm needed this, but it brought tears(yes I am a pansy!).
-then I decided to follow the printouts again-
10. Gluteals = Looked like a dog humping a bucket...and I would know because my dog has his favorite Home Depot brand.
11. Quads = Felt really good considering all the throws and squats recently.
12. IT Band = OH MY GWEENIES!  I literally thought I was going to die.  I am sweating, tearing up, grunting, cursing, and all in the day room of the Boot Camp Boys Dorm with 13 sleeping juvenile deliquints.  But is was worth it.(And no one woke up)
13. Hamstring = Not as affective.
14. Calves = Kinda awkward, but I needed my calves to relax...they are just so "massive" according to my wards.
15. Shins = These felt good too.

All in all this was GREAT!  I will experiment much more with this thing.  It was a Gold's Gym brand roller...hard as hell, but it did the job.  I performed my usual 30-45 minute intense stretching routine PRIOR to this foam rolling.  I think it helped.

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  1. Sounds Like you had a good time! heather MacDonald is an avid foam roller user. Im barely not fat enough to not hold my self up while I roll. I roll my legs sometimes after a good squat session, or the next day. Ever stretch your feet? Get a lacrosse ball, or I got an indoor hockey ball. Step and roll. Its equally amazing. You can even use this to pinpoint certain areas that the foam roll doesnt dig into specifically.

    1. That was in the book that was suggested to me by Josh. It looked like fun, but I didn't have a ball like that available last night. I am currently looking for something, but I am coming up empty.