Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Walk in the Zoo and Rehabbing the Bad Stuff

First things back is still a bit crappy.  My hips are crooked, and my spine is obviously out of alignment, but the muscle issue is on it's way out!  I will be hitting the treadmill tonight, I might do some light stone throws on Friday and then next week I will re-integrate myself into the workout plan.  On Monday I hit up the San Francisco Zoo and got a good workout walking all around the facility.  Took a TON of pictures...
We left on Monday morning 2/13/12 and it was raining.  I wasn't going to cancel the trip because I absolutely love the Zoo.  I always have had a secret desire to work in a zoo...maybe that's what has pushed me to becoming a juvenile corrections officer and in the future - a high school biology teacher!

The rain stopped and when we arrived at the SF Zoo there were only 5 other cars in the parking lot!  We had the zoo to ourselves!  Such an awesome time.  My kids had an absolute blast.

Quick shots:

Tori's (9) favorite - the Grizzley Bear Sisters.  We've been watching "Grizzly Man Diaries" on NETflix.

Luke's (7) favorite - watching the Tiger eat.

Jackson's (5) favorite - he was most excited to see the Giraffes, but then he saw the Hippo!  He literally freaked out when it was getting out of the water.  ???

Eli's (3) favorite - the Gorillas.  By the way he left some DNA by the Mandrill exhibit when he fell down and busted his lip open.  And park officials were quick to come and ask if we needed first aid.  Good job Zoo!

Gracelynn's (2) favorite - Penguins.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Zoo and Pier 39:

We had a great time looking at all the animals that the zoo had to offer.  For the most part I can say that the animals were all "out and about" through out the day as the Sun came out more and more.  I truly enjoy the zoo.  I think the zoo is a great place for children to learn about animals that we don't usually see.  It's a place where one can go see the animals many of us will NEVER see.  As a father of five children I know that, unless
someone kidnaps me and takes me to Africa, I will never see a lion in the wild in person.  I will never see a Western Lowland Gorilla in its natural habitat.  I will never venture far enough north to see a polar bear.  Some people like to bash the zoos, and I understand their point, but this zoo is well put together and attempts to accomodate the animals' needs.  It's not perfect, but it's least we can do considering most of the animals don't have homes because of us.  Human activity has increased the "normal background extinction rate" 100 to 1000 times more than normal.  Yes, extinctions are a part of normal evolution.  But we are creating a mass extinction event that is far beyond what this planet can handle.  If we don't change some things I can see the zoo as the only place to see any animal in the near future.  I'm no activist,
but the way things are going are not good for us or the rest of the species that inhabit our planet.  The SF Zoo was a great experience for my family and it gave me some good exercise after being injured and laying on the couch for a week and a half.  It was especially awesome that we were seven of the 20 people at the zoo that day.

It was a fun day!  Thank you SAN FRANCISCO ZOO for a great day and a nice clean facility.

Keep Moving Forward,

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