Wednesday, March 7, 2012

03-07-12 MRI tomorrow = No training TONIGHT!

Not doing any work tonight at all.  I was planning on doing Pre-Season Speed W1D2, but I think that my MRI would better serve my recovery if my back muscles aren't trashed from dead lifts and over head press.  So I think I will just talk a little bit...

I want to talk about motivation.  What motives one to do work when the work causes pain or fatigue.  What makes us push through all the crap.  I have always struggled with motivation.  I  have been looking back at times when I really accomplished some things in training and I discovered one common theme: I was not happy.  I hated myself.  That is what motivates change for me, and I think probably for a lot of you too.  Everyone has it, everyone knows about it, and no one will admit that deep down somewhere there is something about us that we hate.  It's what forced us to become top of the food chain instead of a quick snack for some big dumb animals.  At some point in geological history humans said, "Hey man, I'm tired of this sh!t!  I'm gonna make me a club and beat the f#&k outta a smiledon, kill me a mammoth, and take home the cave queen!"  Motivation.

What motivates you?  Pro Highland Gamer Matt Vincent and his Pro Strongman brother Andy Vincent call it "HVIII".  Steve Prefontaine asked, "How does a kid from Coos Bay, with one leg shorter than the other win race?"  What is it about yourself that you are trying to change?  That is the drive.

Motivation can be hard to come by in the world of sports.  When things seem at their worst, when injury or a string of bad luck smacks you in the face, or just when you don't seem to be good enough to do as well as you want - that is when motivation fails.  Find the self-hatred and use it.  Don't get mad at the world for your troubles...look inside first.  It is NEVER anyone's fault but your own that you can't accomplish what you desire.

Keep Moving Forward,



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