Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Future of "World's Strongest Scientist" Blog

Wow.  It's been a really long time since I have had a moment to post a blog update.  I really want to keep this going, but my current work schedule, family commitments, and school deadlines are making it extremely hard to keep a daily blog post.  I am thinking more like a weekly or every few days update will be more fitting.

I just recently received my scores from the Praxis II Biology Content Exam.  I scored a 165 out of 200.  I passed, and the range for those taking the test was 149-173, so I am at the top half!  I am one step closer to teaching Biology, and one step closer to a happier life.  I can't wait to be home when my kids are, and to have ALL the same vacations without groveling for time off.

My back is healing slowly, but nicely, and I feel like I am finally getting back to pain-free living.  Unfortuantely that means low strength levels, and my throws are the shits right now, but I will recover.  I plan to take my embarassing weak ass to some more games this summer around an already busy work and vacation schedule.

Yesterday I started Block 5 Week 2 Day 1(5.2.1) In-season Speed and Power for Matt Vincent's TRAINING LAB and it went a little something like this:

*Front Squats will be substituted for Back Squats until further notice.

bar x 10
135 x 6
155 x 3 x 5
165 x 3 x 5
- working sets done with 10 seconds for work and 15 seconds for rest.

* Flat Bench Press will be done with the feet up on the bench due to the fact that the normal bench press position kills my neutral spine position, which in turn kills me.

bar x 10
135 x 8 x 2
165 x 3 x 8
185 x 3 x 3
- working sets done with 10 seconds for work and 15 seconds for rest.

25# bar x 10 x 3
- taking it easy for now.

95 x 12 x 4

CoC #1 x 5 x 4

I did the front squats without a belt.  I am really trying to strengthen my core.  Last week I did mainly core exercises, and this is my first week of hitting Matt's program better.  All my numbers suck right now, but the only way I can go from here is up!  My 7 and 5 year old boys are working out with me for their upcoming first season of "Mighty Mite" football.  They are both really into push ups and sit ups and trying out Daddy's weights.  It makes me happy to see them both trying new things.  Especially my 5 year old, he doesn't really like anything, but he went out there and went rep for rep with my oldest son on push ups and sit ups.  Makes a Dad proud.

Keep Moving Forward,



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