Friday, May 4, 2012

Woodland RECAP and What Comes Next

I competed in the Woodland Highland Games on April 29th.  I did not have my best showing, and I threw considerably less than I had hoped for, but I got numbers in the books.  The SHA dropped the Lightweight Class mark to under 190, and I wasn't in any condition to cut 15lbs., so I competed in a stacked B class.  Here are the results:

First event was Heavy Hammer - the event that caused my back injury.  I was extremely nervous and I was hoping beyond hope that hammer would not be the first event.  But it was.  I was extremely timid in my throws and have taken all hammer throws down to two winds to relieve the twisting pressure off my spine. 

Heavy Hammer: 57' 4.5" - 15/18

Next was Light Hammer.  I was feeling a bit more warmed up by the time we got to the light hammer.  There were 18 B class throwers which made for a lot of sitting and waiting.  Still only two winds.

Light Hammer: 79' 3" - 8/18

After being moved around the entire field we finally settled in for Heavy Weight for Distance.  I have been practicing with a 42# weight(what Lightweight Class throws), but the B class throws a 56#.  Needless to say I looked a bit off and rather ridiculous.

HWFD: 11' 1.5" - 18/18

After embarassing myself we moved all over the field AGAIN and then got to work out light weight for distance.  I did not do as well as I had hoped, and in watching the video I noticed I had no acceleration in the second turn.

LWFD: 38' 4" - 16/18

We then finally broke for lunch.  My day was growing longer and longer.  My back was getting tighter and tighter with each event.  But I had my back support on so the pain was not always "raging".  After lunch we finally got to the stones.  I was happy because this is MY EVENT...or so I thought...

BRAEMAR: 27' 4"- 7/18

OPEN STONE: 33' 4" - 10/18

And now for the two events I dread the most...

17' 90# CABER; 25 DEGREES - 15/18

Weight Over Bar is one that I knew I should not be throwing with my bulging discs.  I do not have the ability to activate my hips and extend my back for this event, but...did it anyways.  I came extremely close to clearing the opening height of 10'.

WOB: 7(T)/18


I love Highland Games and throwing.  I love the competition and the comraderie.  I won't let it be taken away from me.  I felt GREAT the next day...almost like all that throwing snapped something back into place.


Lots of rehabbing.  With the correspondance of John Paul Guidry, Matt Vincent, and others I will get my game back.  I am took a whole week off with NOTHING - no throws, lifting, running, etc...  Next week will be full of stretching, rolling, MWOD stuff, jogging, and any upper body lifts that DO NOT involve my injured back.  I will re-assess myself at the end of the week next week.  I probably won't compete until again till June or July.  Only time will tell.

Keep Moving Forward,



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