Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amazing Discoveries on the Web

  I am going to do some "Amazing Discoveries on the Web" posts from time to time.  Here is the first one about some scary robotics and the first "astronauts".  Enjoy!
This first Youtube video will be the one I show when robots eventaully enslave the human race as a big "I TOLD YOU SO"!  Hahaha, no I'm not a nut job.  I am kidding, but this video has some scary and creepy elements to it that cause us to wonder if we are pushig to make our humanity obsolete.

As you watch this video consider this:  The Big Dog is self-righting!  It has balance and adjusts to the terrain.  It is, in fact, learning.  While this thing does not have the ability to choose what it does(yet) it does have the ability to choose how it reacts to the environments.  Let that marinate for a it?  This machine has better balance and adaptability than human babies!  Pretty interesting and frightening all at once.  I just want to see this thing get tired of carrying all that crap and donkey kick the guy standing behind it.  HAHAHA!

The second youtube video is made by a guy that I first thought was a wacko...but then he started to make sense!

Definately a weird little creature that may or may not come from another planet.  This video is interesting and thought provoking.  Obviously these water bears need to be studied more!
 Hope I didn't bore you to death.

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