Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have returned.

  It has been a very long time, but I am back on the blogosphere!  Here are a few updates:
  I just finished off my final two CSET exams to become a science teacher in the great (and strict, mean, and teacher hating) state of California.  I already passed the PRAXIS II which darn near ever other state excepts so...thanks CA!  I am planning on student teaching in the Spring of '13, and hope to be a full fledge biology teacher by next school year.  I figure if I put it here then I will feel pressured to get it done!  The majority of my school work now is teacher strategy and such, so it's a bit boring but necessary.
  My back is still a little messed up.  Three bulging discs will probably never be the same again, but I am getting better.  My strength is starting to improve, and I am getting lots of help from trusted folks in the strength community via the internet.
  I am training again as hard as I can, but I work graveyard shift at the correctional facility where I work - so I am constantly lacking the energy to workout.  Again...posting it here will shame me into working out.  So here is yesterday's workout:
B2C1W2D1 (BLOCK 2, CYCLE 1, WEEK 2, DAY 1)
7 Minute jog on the treadmill
Leg Swings
Stretches for hips and back
bar x 10
135 x 8
210 x 5 x 5
bar x 10
135 x 6
230 x 5 x 5
-super setted with-
50lbs d.b. x 6 x 5
Yes I measured the angle...I am a friggin' future science teacher and have nerdy equipment and a little bit anal about such things. If I could have gotten it to 42 degrees instead of 45 I would have been stoked. This is the scientifically accepted otpimal angle for shot put(really...people do research on it!) So at 38 I figured my chest would still be doing more work than at 45.
When I was popping near 40' O stones and 32' Braemars I did a good amount of inclines. Why I stopped I can't remember.


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